viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Nick's Visit

Last February we had a special visit in our high school. Nick came from Wales to teach our students about cultural aspects in the UK. 

With his lectures, our students had the opportunity to learn new things, practice their oral skills, interact (even on the phone! They were talking to Nick's mother!), and enjoy at the same time. He was so funny and down-to-earth that all our students were delighted. 

Thanks a lot Nick. It was our pleasure to meet you. We hope to see you next year!

3 comentarios:

  1. I am Alba. Nick showed us a project about English. We played a lot of games. This project is very interesting and Nick is a very good person. We had a good time and I liked when he took his mobile phone and he rang his mother. Alba Babiano Casasola 1ºA

  2. I am Lucia Barba. The proyection of Nick was very interesting.
    He spoke about England and his life there.
    It was very great because we talked about food and tradicional celebrations.
    It was a great experiencie. Lucia Barba Herrera 1ºA

  3. Hello I am Lorena Barco. The projection of Nick was very interesting.
    Nick spoke about England and his traditions and his life in there.
    We played a lot of games whit he. Nick is a funny person. I never forget this activity. Lorena Barco Mora 1ºA.